5a5d80_5030d83c5cc9440d9b081f2744707dd9.jpg_srz_p_980_500_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI fell in love with photography when I started taking picture with my first camera as a gift in 2009.  Practice and play with imagination are something I’ve been done during my assignment as Public Relations Officer in International Chain Hotel in Manado, North Sulawesi.  Food, Pastry, Wine and other beverages was my first available object there.  I’m in love with taking food pictures because of the colours and its shape is so impressive.Joint a number of humble senior photographers, we found SPOT Photographers Community established in 18th December 2009.  Then the girl’s body shape, and the beauty of their faces attracted me to capture their moment.  A moment of beautiful creature on earth while they are young and fine.  My personal interest is Fashion, so I am looking for partner for outstanding Fashion Photograph concept to collaborate with.  I have passion on that.Originally from Manado, Indonesia, I am now lives in Bali since August 2013 after experience another 2.5 years of working in West Kalimantan.  The beauty of the island of Gods invites me to capture the nature, the heighborhood, the sun, sand, and sea.  It’s suddenly give me the opportunity to encourage my friends to photograph their pre-wedding or post wedding couple series in Bali.P.S. Teddy is qualified on Canon-FN Workshop: Basic Photography Skills, Canon-FN Workshop: Lighting and Data Management, member of